Citroen Elysee Exclusive Diesel Manual





  • Base Engine Size 1500
  • Engine Power 95
  • Fuel Consumption 4.3
  • ABS Yes
  • Airbag Yes
  • CD Player Yes
  • Leather Seats No
  • Hydrolic Steering Wheel Yes
  • Sun Roof No
  • Carbon Emission
  • Vehicle segment Medium
  • Driver Age 24
  • Licence Age 3

Citroen Elysee Diesel Manual

Many people are hiring vehicles to meet their needs in the transport sector. Citroen Elysee Diesel Manual vehicles provide you with pleasure throughout the ride with its comfortable comfort and economical fuel consumption. With its magnificent interior design, it gives you a more enjoyable time. Our company provides you with the latest model car rental service with all technical support. The Cizgi rent a car company which operates as the last system in the car rental sector, Citroen Elysee Diesel Manuel is a package that is very full of interior design as it is a high model vehicle as it provides fuel saving in vehicle rentals.

Citroen Elysee Diesel Manual Fuel Consumption Properties

Our 1.5-liter engine delivers 95 hp engine power. The vehicle is equipped with ABS, airbag, CD player and power steering. Fuel consumption is 4.8 liters per 100 km in the city and 3.7 liters per 100 km outside the city.

Citroen Elysee Diesel Manual Rental Service

Having been in the industry for many years, our firm has gained very strong resources and references. We work with many commercial and institutional companies and also provide individual services. Depending on the sector you want to use, we have various options and all the needs of the customers are met in this way.

Corporate Company Service

Cizgi Rent A Car, which works with many corporate companies, offers the customers in commercial or individualized form according to the needs of the companies. While many corporate firms use commercial vehicles, many companies can also go for car hire services individually for the use of managers and employees. Our company will be pleased to be at your service with a vehicle repertoire made up of a wide range of vehicles in order to meet all your expectations. The inspection of the vehicles is being delivered in full and the damage to the vehicle due to a number of possible legal procedures is met by us. For this reason, our company, which has been actively serving in the market, has a lot more customers every year and taking important steps in Rent A Car sector.

Safety in vehicles

Our vehicles are inspected periodically and any damage in the vehicle is immediately restored. The engine power is kept under constant control and the models that match the expectations of the customer are provided to the side in accordance with the customer's use.

About Rental Car Prices

Citroen Elysee Diesel Manual vehicles have low engine volumes and therefore low fuel consumption. We operate at the most reasonable prices for you, we also want to save money on fuel consumption means. If you are considering renting an affordable car, you can contact us by contacting us.

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