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Adana Car Rental

  Adana is waiting for you with its history, sea and delicious food, which is located in Çukurova basin and opens its doors to you with food culture. In the city where the Seyhan river is divided into two, you will enjoy the pleasure of walking by the river. The warm climate of the Mediterranean will comfort you while sipping cabbage in the cafes with stone bridge views. There is also a small airport in the city. Although small in terms of the intensity of the 6th largest airport in Turkey. If you want to rent a car when you come to Adana, you can get the most suitable rental car you want from our Cizgi Rent a Car office, both in the city center and at the airport.  

When to go to Adana?

Adana, which is under the influence of Mediterranean climate, can be visited every semester. However, because the summers are very hot, more spring months should be preferred. Winter months may be ideal for your trip if you do not feel too cold. The worst time to go to Adana is July and August, when temperatures are 40 degrees.  

Where to stay in Adana?

  In the city where the Seyhan river is divided into two, there are luxurious hotels on one side and boutique city houses on the other. In the city center where you can find budget accommodation options; hotels, pensions, guest houses. If you prefer cheaper accommodation, you can also opt for a little more out-of-town hotel options.  

Where to Visit in Adana?

  There are many historical and cultural heritages in Adana, which has its history from the early times of mankind. However, most people who come to this city come for a delicious cuisine. "Adana Kebabı", which he gave his name, is only the most famous of these. We also recommend you to spend time in Adana, where you will find many local delicacies. The Taşköprü on the Seyhan River is a symbol of the city. It is the oldest active bridge. There are many parks, cafes and restaurants around the bridge connecting Seyhan and Yüreğir districts. Do not go without seeing the Sabancı Central Mosque, which is built with partnership of Sabancılar and Religious Foundation, which is one of the few families of Adana. The Balkans and the Middle East are the largest camisets of capacity. 28,500 people are allowed to worship. Exterior view Sultanahmet Mosque, interior design resembles Selimiye Mosque.  

Adana City Transportation

  Most of your transportation in Adana can be provided by city buses. There are also private public buses, minibuses and taxis. However, after a certain hour the public transport services do not serve. There is also a 13 km metro in the city center. There is a voyage between Akıncilar and Hospital. You can also use city buses 135, 159, 250 and 252 for city transportation from Adana Airport. Or you can reach the center with Havas services. You can choose the best priced car for you from our search section on our website or by coming to Adana Şakirpaşa Airport and our Adana car rental office. And to explore Adana you just have to get a ride.
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