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Gaziantep Airport (GZT)

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Gaziantep Oguzeli Airport Car Rental

As it has been between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean since ancient times, the ancient name "Antep" has an important historical and cultural position. Gaziantep, which is more developed than the other cities in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, is called "Paris of the East" according to many people. Having one of the most glorious resistances of History during the First World War, Antep was later named Gaziantep as "Gazi". Due to its location on the Silk Road, Gaziantep, which carries many traces of civilization, is home to many historical and cultural treasures. Because it is the cradle of different cultures, it also opens its doors to gourmet tourism which is also home to different food cultures. Gaziantep cuisine with its 6000 year history is worth seeing in the international arena. UNESCO represents our country since 2016 in the Creative Cities Network. In Gaziantep, you can pass the time, visit the doya doya in the best, most comfortable and most convenient way Gaziantep Airport car hire and reservation can be done with Cizgi Rent a Car and you can look at your comfort.  

When to Go to Gaziantep?

In Gaziantep, where both the Mediterranean and the terrestrial climate are observed due to its location, the summers are very hot and the winters are cold and rainy. The highest temperature measured to date is 44, and the lowest temperature is -13 degrees. The best time to visit the city is the autumn months. 

Where do you stay in Gaziantep?

Gaziantep is home to many local and foreign tourists with its developed industrial region, historical and cultural monuments that it hosts and its cuisine. There are many hotels, motels, pensions, guest houses and rental houses in the city. You will find many luxury hotel chains in the city center, usually 4-5 star hotels prefer business people. If you choose to stay in the city center, you can also choose authentic traditional Gaziantep style hotels. They have more affordable prices compared to the city center, along with more boutique hotels in their districts. However, if you prefer to stay in the city we recommend you to have a tool at your disposal. You can visit our airport car rental office for this.

Where are places to visit in Gaziantep?

the city has hosted different civilizations such as the Babylonians, the Hittites, the Komagene Civilization, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Ottomans. In Gaziantep, where you can find the traces of every civilization in its narrow streets with stone floors; we recommend that you do not return without seeing the historical houses, the bazaars of copperers, the bedestenleri, the ancient city of Zeugma. Gaziantep, like our other Southeastern countries, has incredible flavors as a food culture. However, in Gaziantep, baklava comes first. Go to Antep and do not return without eating the baklava. So, after you have done your car hire in Gaziantep Airport, Zeugma Antique City; It is a historical building in Belkis village of Nizip district. This ancient city built during the reign of Alexander the Great and bearing the traces of many civilizations since then, is an historical and culturally visited place. Coppersmith Bazaar; It is the place where the masters who continued the tradition of 500 years, which opened in the early morning hours and made a lot of handmade copper coins. In Gaziantep, which is an important commercial center during the Ottoman period, the importance of copper can not be denied. At Bakırcilar Çarşı, where more modern arts are processed than in the old times, you can drink tea with hospitable copper masters and learn about the arts. Historical houses; you can find these houses on the narrow streets of Antep, which are wide courtyards and generally two storeys, which is the common house type of the geography in which they are located. You can also get acquainted with home culture by entering some of the houses used as museums.  Antep Castle; It was built as a surveillance tower in the Roman period, and later became a fortress in the Byzantine period. It is one of the symbols of Gaziantep. In Gaziantep, with Cizgi Rent a Car which is the most suitable car rental company for a pleasant and comfortable travel, you can reliably enjoy Kayseri with rental cars from every segment.  

Gaziantep Airport Transportation

The airport is 20 km from the city center. You can use municipal buses, taxis or Havas to get to the city center from the airport. If you come for sightseeing, public transport will be a waste of time for you. In the same way, time for your business trips will be valuable to you. Because public transportation is a convenience, you can get a free weekend with your car on your own for a short weekend, you can stop at any place and take a photo or taste the famous famous tastes of Gaziantep where you want.   You can choose the best priced car for you from our search section on our web site or from our car hire office in Gaziantep Airport and you will need to rent a car to explore Gaziantep
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