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Guest relationships

As Cizgi Rent a Car, our main purpose is to offer the best service and maximum satisfaction to your guests. We know that the preliminary condition to sustain our trust and loyalty based service approach built over 25 years is the satisfaction of our guests.

As Customer Relations Department, we receive all demands, views and opinions of our guests towards our firm and services, we follow these requests and solve them in at most 3 days. Additionally, with our regular surveys, we look for ways to improve our services.

As Cizgi Customer Relations Department, our main purpose is not only to solve the complaints but also to have no complaints for “Ultimate Customer Satisfaction”.

With Customer Demand Forms, you can send your criticism and recommendations about your rental experience and our services.

Our Customer Relations Management Policy

  • We will notify you about receiving your application after sending us the completed demand form.
  • Your applications are assessed fairly, unbiased and equally.
  • Your personal information is never shared with third parties.
  • Under the firm policies and legal procedures framework, we take maximum care to offer applicable solutions, meet your demands and defend your rights.
  • We are assessing all feedback from you to improve our service quality and business processes and we adopt a guest-oriented approach by aiming for the best.