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Çizgi Rent a Car - MIZRAKLI OTO KİRALAMA BİLİŞİM PEYZAJ TEMİZLİK LTD ŞTİ can request your personal information and data (name, e-mail address, ip number, phone number, etc.) via their own forms at www.cizgirentacar.com. This information may also be used to send you electronic mail and press releases, printed publications and correspondence. personal information Çizgi Rent a Car - MIZRAKLI OTO KİRALAMA BİLİŞİM PEYZAJ TEMİZLİK LTD ŞTİ is not leased to third parties by ŞTİ, it is not salable and can not be used at all.

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 www.cizgirentacar.com uses information known as cookies. When you enter a web site, the browser is called the icon cookie (cookie) that your browser gives you. Cookies can store a wide variety of data types. Cookies increase the functionality of a site, and it helps us to more accurately examine your site's use. Cookies never collect personal information unless it is your explicit permission.

The website www.cizgirentacar.com statistically monitors site visits, the total number of visits, the number of visitors to each page of the site, and the names of Internet service providers to visit. No personal information is used in this process. In addition, your IP address is recorded when you visit our site. This address only identifies your Internet Service Provider and does not contain any data about your personal information.
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Your car hire transactions via www.cizgirentacar.com use security technology called SSL. Your credit card information is never stored in any environment and your bank is directly contacted for approval.

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