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  Turkey first place that comes to mind is on vacation in Antalya, the Mediterranean region and Turkey constitute a significant tourism revenues. You may have a great holiday with a sea, sun and sand triple as well as a business visit. In any case, you can rent a car in Antalya airport and make your booking transactions with Cizgi rent a car and you can leave your feet in order to pass the time and enjoy the best, most comfortable and most convenient way in Antalya. If you need rental car in Antalya city center Antalya Car Rental You can visit our Antalya Car Rental page.  

When to Go to Antalya?

Antalya, which is a Mediterranean city, has the warmth that you can embrace in every season of your life thanks to its climate. If you think that the tourist population is high in the summer months, we suggest you to visit between April and June and between September and November.  

Where to Stay In Antalya?

Turkey's tourism capital of Antalya and there are hundreds of trips to tourist hotels and hostels in almost every district for both leisure and business trips. It is possible to find nice places to stay at your desired price range.    The Lara region is one of the places you can look at because of its proximity to the airport. Belek is literally a paradise of a hotel. Prices vary in Belek, where many 5-star hotels are located, totally proportional to where you want to stay. In the Kemer district you can find more suitable hotels. Kaleiçi, the most famous district of Antalya in the city center, has many hotels and boutique lodgings with historical mansions. 

Where to Visit in Antalya?

Places to visit after car rental from Antalya Airport;   Center; Kaleiçi nightlife is waiting for you with Konyaaltı beach in the city center which is 15 kilometers away from the airport.   Belek; 40 km from Antalya airport, Belek is one of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations. Besides its historical beauties, it has become a favorite place for vacationers with its big hotels and golf tourism which became popular recently.   Belt; Located 60 kilometers from Antalya airport, Kemer creates a feeling that you have come to a resort island. In addition to the five-star hotels, small hotels and pensions are also popular, and this beautiful city has a different kind of holiday experience.   Duden Waterfall; It is about 10 km from the city center.It emerges at the place called Düdenbaş. It is divided into two branches along the Düden Stream.   Olympus; Caretta Caretta is one of the very rare places where you can spend time in the sea and mountain view accomodation, which is known as the place where the turtles come to lay eggs. Olympos means "great mountain" in Greek. The gods are also referred to as the city. He was also famous for his beach.   Alanya; famous for its beaches and night life, is the first choice for those who want a brisk holiday. You will not be able to enjoy the holiday in Alanya, where many famous hotels are located and offer a lot of accommodation options..   With 630 km of coastline, Antalya has a lot of koya and natural beauties, you can reliably enjoy Antalya with car rental in every segment with Cizgi rent a car which is the most suitable car rental company for a pleasant and comfortable travel..  

Antalya Airport Transportation

  You can reach from Antalya Airport, which is 15 km away from the city center, by city buses, taxi, Havaş, private car, tram (Antray) or rental car.   The city bus number 600A goes to the limousine from Antalya Airport. Liman Antalya-Kemer sea voyages can pass to Kemer. The city bus number 600 gets up from the Antalya airport every half hour and passes through the city center to the bus terminal in Antalya. It is possible to take buses or buses to Kemer, Kaş, Alanya, Kalkan, Kumluca, Demre, Gazipaşa, Side, Aspendos, Manavgat buses or minibuses from the bus terminal.   Taxis are expensive in Antalia, but you can bargain. The city center takes 15 minutes by taxi.   You can choose the best priced car for you from the search section on our website or by coming to our Antalya car hire office. And to explore Antalya you just have to buy your car.
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