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Trabzon Airport Car Rental

Trabzon, which is famous for its rainy season, lush nature, turküler, jokes, will leave you a memorable memory every season. It is the largest and developed city of Eastern Black Sea.   It is possible to find works from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman in its historical structure. Trabzon is covered with forests because of the precipitation of the Black Sea due to its climate. The valleys, the slopes, the lakes and the rivers, which are very rich in terms of the settlements have caused each other away. The distance between these places is a bit far away.   In the city, people make their living from fisheries and agriculture. The most important agricultural products are hazelnut and plaster.   You can rent your car at Trabzon Airport and make your booking transactions with Cizgi Rent a Carand you can leave your feet in order to pass the time, to enjoy the best, most convenient and most convenient way of traveling in this municipality where the modern world and nature are intertwined.  

When will you go to Trabzon?

Trabzon is the city where the Black Sea climate lives the most. Trabzon will make you happy if you go any season of the year. The summers are rainy, the winters are foggy and cold. The old and the foreign tourists usually prefer not to come to this city in summer.   In summer the most beautiful way to escape from the dampness in the city center is to ascend. There are festivals every summer in various spas of Trabzon. You must absolutely join one.   In the winter months there are heavy fogs, which obstructs both transportation and trip planning. Even if you go in summer, do not forget to buy thick clothes, your rain is always with you. Because even on the hottest day it can rain in Trabzon.

Where to stay in Trabzon?

Trabzon is the city where tourism is alive. If you want to stay in the city center to be close to everywhere, you can also find luxury hotels, apart and boutique style hotels. If you want to stay in the highlands there are also hotels and boutique pensions.

Where are places to visit in Trabzon?

There are so many places to see in Trabzon, which opens its doors with its deep blue sea, its lush nature and 4000 years of history. Sumela monastery, which is the point of interest of the tourists coming to the city, Uzungöl, where we see pictures everywhere, unique scenery of nature, and clean air, are just a few of them.   So, if you have a car hire in Trabzon Airport then you can travel to places;   SUMELA Monastery; It is in Altindere village of Maçka. The building, an orthodox church, served as a monastery until 1923. From the moment you see the church built on a steep mountain slope, you have a glimpse of your eyes. The monastery's libraries, kitchens, student rooms, places of worship, as much as the inside as well as the outside, provided a steady stream of visitors. The region is the most important tourist destination. When you go to Trabzon, you will definitely add your own plan to your trip.   Long Lake; it is a place where every person who can see even in postcards and go to Trabzon by nature, by air and by beauty is a place to stop. A rock formed by natural ways, with rocks falling from the slopes blocking the Haldizen River. Uzungöl is one of the rare places where you can get to know all the tones of green, in nature, which you can leave the power to work and just listen to. It also has a lot of accommodation.   With Cizgi Rent a Car which is the most suitable car rental company for a pleasant and comfortable journey in Trabzon, you can reliably enjoy Trabzon with rental cars from every segment.  

Trabzon Airport Transportation

Trabzon Airport is 6 km away from the city center. If you want to go to the city center or the autobahn from the airport, you can go back to the airport. Other options are Havaş and taxi.   With Havas you can reach Hopa, Arhavi, Ardeşen, Rize, Çayeli, Of, Giresun and many districts. Public transportation is available in the city. Most can only get one place at a time when you want to go. However, if you come for sightseeing, public transport will be a waste of time for you. Because public transport is a convenience, you can take a short weekend on your holiday with your own car and freeride wherever you want, you can stop at any place and take a photo or taste the flavors of Trabzon where you want. You can choose the most suitable car for you from the search section on our website or by coming to our Trabzon Airport car hire office. And to exploit Trabzon, you just need gas pressure.
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