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Ankara Esenboğa Airport Car Rental

  Although known as the "gray city"; Ankara will add color to your life with the historical and cultural structures you can visit.   Ankara, the capital of the country; Republic of Turkey is standing museum. It is the second most populated city with a population of five million. This city, which has a known history and ten thousand years of history, Hittites from Lydia; From the Persians to the Romans; Byzantine to the Ottoman and ultimately a lot of structures from Republic of Turkey, which is home to historical sites and museums.   Ankara; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk after the War of Independence saw this place as the center of Anatolia and then elected as the capital city while it was a small Anatolian town; brokers and politics concentrated here. Ankara, which has been developing and growing ever since then; socio-cultural diversity, the most respected universities, the most important institutions of the state.   You can rent and book your car at Ankara Esenboğa Airport with Cizgi Rent a Car in order to pass the time, to visit the doya doya in the best, most convenient and most convenient way in Ankara which has many places you can visit and enjoy under the cold and dignified appearance of the capital.  

When to Go to Ankara?

  It is located in the center of Central Anatolia of Ankara and has a typical continental climate. The summers are hot and arid; the winters are quite cold and rainy. Most rain is seen in March-April, the hottest months are July and August. The harshest colds are seen in December and January, and at the same time the most snow falls in these months.   The best times to escape from extreme temperatures and from the cold of Ankara are early spring and early autumn. We are delighted to see you at our Esenboğa Airport car hire office without leaving the airport in this city where you can easily explore.

Where to stay in Ankara?

Like all big cities, Ankara offers you many accommodation options. Ankara, which is home to bureaucrats, diplomats and even presidents of the world because of being the capital city, besides many luxury hotels, there are also hotels, guesthouses and misihon houses which are suitable for your pocket. Cankaya, Kavaklıdere, Ulus and Kızılay, the most important districts of the city, are the central places you can choose for accommodation. Even if the places far from the center are suitable for the price, transportation can cause you trouble. If you do not have a car, we advise you to stay in the center.

Where to Visit in Ankara?

There are many places, museums and buildings that you need to visit in this city which has many civilizations for centuries, both houses and capitals.   So, where you can travel after you have your rental car at Esenboğa Airport;   Mausoleum; comes to mind first when it is said in Ankara, Turkey's most magnificent and the Mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's coffin where is the first place you should go if you come to Ankara. owned and spiritual values in the value history museums hosted in Ankara and in Turkey as well as one of the most valuable.   TURKISH GRAND NATIONAL ASSEMBLY; The current parliament building is the 3rd parliament building after the announcement of the republic. Other parliament buildings today can be visited as museums. Travel groups Shunki council can only visit on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.   Ankara Castle; It has been used both as a defense and settlement place due to its castle location, which has been hosted by every civilization that has passed through Ankara for 4 thousand years. You can see the historical Ankara Houses in the city walls of Ankara, you can get the memorabilia of Ankara from the souvenir shops in these streets. In addition, the castle hosts ottag cafes and restaurants, and festivals are organized every year.   Anatolian Civilizations Museum; Founded in 1921 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk founded in Anatolia and is located in the south of the fortress kurulmuştur.müz Altindag Ankara in order to shed light on other civilizations from Turkey.   The works are displayed in chronological order within the museum. Paleolithic Age to the present day very valuable work with both Turkey's and the world's most important museums.   Hamamonu; It is the first settlement of Ankara and the museum of today is an open museum, with the authentic atmosphere inside and the cafes reflecting it very nicely, the 19th century architecture is still standing and taking us back to those times.   The house where Mehmet Akif Ersoy lived and the Antiquity Anthem was written is here as well and today Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum opened its doors to you.   With Cizgi Rent a Car which is the most suitable car rental company in Ankara for a pleasant and comfortable travel, you can reliably enjoy Ankara with rental cars from every segment.  

Ankara Esenboğa Airport Transportation

  Ankara Esenboğa Airport is 25 km away from the city center. You can reach it within 30-40 minutes by taxi or ya Havaş. Another option is the city bus number 422.   When you come to the city center, there are many options for transportation. Routes between Metro and Kızılay-Batıkent, Ankaray and AŞTİ-Dikimevi will facilitate your transportation in Ankara. The largest transport network is the municipal buses. Ideal for short-distance transport is minibuses.   You do not want to make a permanent transfer, you can rent a car to have fun and relax by removing your night time limit. If you are thinking about renting a car, you can choose the best priced car for you from the search section on our website or by coming to our Ankra Esenboğa Airport car hire office. And to explore Ankara, you just need to be in the car.
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