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Great Places to Prove That Winter Is Not a Season Suitable for Vacation

5 Amazing Places That Will Prove Those Who Think Winter Is Not A Suitable Season For Vacation To Be Wrong


If the days of feeling the warm sun of the summer season on your skin, the sand disappearing from your fingers and sunbathing against the sea view with ice drinks are over, it is time to take the winter clothes out. While all of us are looking for those old warm days, most of us are probably thinking about how to get through this whole winter season. If you do not want to be one of those who say, "I just lied down in my bed at home and I wasted the whole winter by finishing twenty series" then this article is for you.

If you are among those who say the taste of winter holiday is different, you can rent a car at the cheapest prices to travel however you would like to.


Uludag - Bursa

Uludag, which has a history of thousands of years and has hosted many civilizations, is one of the most important details that reached today of our Bursa province. Uludag, which can be visited in each of the seasons, is a natural wonder mountain which introduced Turkey winter tourism and sports as well as the mountain hotels, clubs, mountaineering, skiing and ski houses, cable cars and ski lifts.

If you ever happen to be in Uludag, where you can also visit a day-long, do not forget to see the Uludag Goller Bolgesi (Uludag Lakes Region) and take photos in Buzlu Lake. You can do adrenaline-filled activities such as skiing on the magnificent hills, you can take the chairlift and enjoy the view from the sky, or just take your hot coffee and enjoy the snow view with a quieter evening.

Uludag, which is the highest point of the region, is covered with snow for 4-5 months a year. This mountain has gained an international reputation as all of the vegetation zones take place in the most appropriate way to the descriptions in botanical science as we climb up the Bursa plain. Also, don't forget to visit Uludag National Park while you are here.You can rent a car in Bursa.

Ayder - Rize

If you want to see the nature, clean air and to taste delicious food of the Black Sea in winter, Ayder Yaylasi (plateau) in Rize is definitely one of the places you should go.

Ayder Yaylasi, founded by Halalilar in the 1300s, is a plateau covered with spruce and beech forests. It is known that Ayder Yaylasi, which has never been used as a plateau by the people of Hala, is only used for resting.

The history of Ayder thermal spring, which was used as a resting place during the migration of Halalis from the Hala Village to their plateaus, dates back to the 1700s. Ayder thermal spring, which has attracted its visitors with its healing water since the Ottoman period, is beneficial for many diseases such as rheumatic diseases, internal diseases, gynecological diseases and skin diseases. But 55-degree hot spring waters coming from a depth of 260 meters can cause an inconvenient situation for people with high blood pressure and heart diseases without consulting a doctor.

Ayder Yaylasi, which has a distinct beauty in summer, is ready to enchant you with its thermal spring waters, perfect view of snow-covered pine trees and traditional wooden houses.

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Yedigoller - Bolu

Yedigoller is one of the smallest national parks in Turkey as well as being the first national park of the country, shelters in most of the large mammal species in Turkey in 1623 hectares and the number of animals located in the woods are increased by making regular protection. In addition to animals such as deer and roe deer, there are also various kinds of animals such as bears, wolves, pigs, jackals and foxes. Home to 240 plant species, Yedigoller is also famous for its numerous mushroom varieties in the region.

Yedigoller National Park, which was included in the World Conservation Union, consists of seven lakes formed as a result of landslides and rivers shaped with handmade bridges. You can come to Yedigoller, which has a distinct beauty in both summer and winter, for one-day or you have the opportunity to stay in nearby hotels or bungalow houses.

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Pamukkale - Denizli

Pamukkale, which is located in Denizli province of Turkey, consists of terraces and travertines arisen from carbonate minerals left over from hot springs and flowing waters. In the region with 17 hot springs, water temperatures range from 35 to 100. Pamukkale, which is one of the favorite sightseeing stops of tourists, has always been the center of attention with its baths, useful thermal springs and cotton-like travertines from ancient times to today.

Hierapolis, built on hot springs, is an ancient city in Phrygia, located in the southwest of Anatolia. This sacred Phrygian Hierapolis was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988. Hierapolis, which played an important role in the spread of Christianity in Anatolia, was declared a religious center in memory of Philippus in the 4th century AD, as it was the city where Saint Philippus, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, was killed. Later, taking the title of “Guide of the East”, it was taken by the Eastern Roman Empire in AD 395 and turned into an Episcopal center.

You can see the ruins where many mythological scenes are represented in this wonderful region where history meets one of the most beautiful images of nature.

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Sapanca - Sakarya

Located in our Sakarya province, Sapanca offers its visitors different beautiful views in every season of the year, but the taste of this place is different in the winter season. It is not difficult to make your day enjoyable by drinking a hot sahlep (a drink made with milk, sugar and orchid bulb powder) in front of this wonderful landscape where the snow white covers the entire Sapanca lake and its surroundings like a blanket. Moreover, it is an indispensable stop for day trips as it is close to big cities.

After your walk by the lake in Sapanca, you can have a nice dinner in Kirkpinar and continue your trip by visiting the plateaus in Sakarya. Sapanca, which is a great getaway for people tired of city centers and the gloom of busy business life, has become much more popular with the Kartepe Ski Center opened nearby.

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