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The Pearl of Aegean: Izmir

The Pearl of Aegean: Izmir

     Izmir, which comes out as the largest city after Ankara and which is also considered as the capital of the Aegean area, leaves unforgettable memories to its visitors with its 8,500-year history and its nature. Since Izmir is a very rich and colorful city in terms of places to visit and see, it will take you a long time to see the whole city. Therefore, let us briefly tell you the prominent historical places and the touristic European side of the city to create a short guide for you. Let's make a brief summary of the places to visit in Izmir, important and beautiful places located in the center and surrounding towns.

     I think it would not be wrong to say that your trip will be incomplete if you leave without tasting the gevrek (Turkish bagels), boyoz (a pastry), desserts and sunflower seeds distributed among the streets while visiting this beautiful city, regardless of the fact that you are in the center of Izmir or its surrounding towns. Or you should have no doubt that taking some iced almonds and talking to the warm-blooded people of the Aegean in Kordon will bring a different color to your trip as well.

     Step by step from the city center to its surroundings...


Kordon Square

    If you happen to be in Izmir, even if just for one day, we would recommend you to see Kordon bay first. Because the endless deep blue sea which relaxes and calms people, the wind of Kordon, the voices of seagulls and ferries mixing up with the voices of people sitting in the area and eating sunflower seeds will encourage you to extend your one-day trip to 3-4 days. When you walk along the bay, you should definitely visit the magnificent building of the Municipality; the Governorship Mansion, which remained from the Ottoman Empire; the Clock Tower, which is also another Ottoman work and has never stopped since 1901 so that you can leave unforgettable memories for yourself by taking pictures.

Smyrna Ancient City

     “Agora” literally means bazaar, market and city center. Agora, which is the center of commerce, religion, politics and art with its 8,500 years of history, is a rich place for sure in terms of history with sculptures and monuments offered to the gods.

     It is suggested that the Agora of Izmir was constructed in the 2nd century AD during the Roman Period and the historical artifacts which were found here are now exhibited in the Izmir Archeology Museum. In addition, this ancient city, where the Agora is located, has one of the world's largest ancient theaters and stadium. Also, entrance to the Ancient City is free.

     For a more comfortable transportation to Smyrna Ancient City, you can take advantage of our Izmir car rental opportunities and rent the most suitable vehicle for you and continue your journey in the direction you want.


Historical Elevator

     Historical Elevator is a historical building located in Karataş neighborhood in Konak district of Izmir. The purpose of this elevator, which was built in 1907 by Nesim Levi Bayraklıoğlu, a Jewish businessman, is to facilitate the passage between the two districts and to eliminate the obligation of people to climb the 155-step ladder. Previously, the tower on the left was powered by steam and the tower on the right was powered by electricity, but with the restoration carried out in 1985, both elevators started working with electricity. There is a wooden balcony where the elevator reaches Halil Rifat Pasha Street. Thanks to the viewing terrace on the balcony, visitors enjoy the panoramic view of Izmir. This elevator, which is a historical monument, also serves as a place of entertainment, culture and resting. Since there is a restaurant and a cafe in the elevator, we have no doubt that it will give everyone a completely different pleasure to both take a break and enjoy the sunset. By the way, you don't have to pay anything to get to the top of the elevator.

     You can use ferry services to reach the Historical Elevator, which is within walking distance from Konak, from Karşıyaka, and after a short walk you can reach the elevator. For a more comfortable transportation to the Historical Elevator, you can take advantage of our Izmir car rental opportunities and rent the most suitable vehicle for you and continue your trip in the direction you want.

Dario Moreno Street

     As being one of the first places coming to our mind when the question is where to see in Izmir, Dario Moreno Street is located at the entrance of Mithatpasha Street in Konak district. It was named after the pianist, theater actor and musician Dario Moreno, originally known as David Arugete, who was born in 1921. Dario Moreno, a Turk of Jewish origin, is also a local artist from Izmir.

      By lining up the historical mansions and kiosks which belong to Greeks and still used by them along the way, it has managed to preserve its historical texture. This street, which includes the house where Moreno lived with his 4 siblings and his mother in the 1940s, is a place that can attract the attention of those who love historical places with its old Italian style houses. The sweet cafes, art schools and small shops on the street, when combined with soft and light music, give their visitors an incredible ambiance.

     Dario Moreno Street, which is very close to the historical elevator, always manages to preserve its historical but lively atmosphere with small celebrations and entertaining events.

Cesme Peninsula

     Çeşme, which has always been one of the favorite holiday destinations of Izmir, is one of the most preferred places by celebrities, tourists and holidaymakers every summer. With its clear sea, clean bays, beaches, colorful houses and streets of Alacati, it teaches people, by experiencing, the reason it is preferred by thousands of people every year.

      Ilica Beach, which has a white sandy beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cesme. The unique view that it gives during the daytime and when the sun sets is really worth seeing.

      Alacati of Cesme is famous, just like Cesme of Izmir being famous. When you walk around the streets of Alacati, it is very possible to feel yourself in a completely different time. With its colorful houses, narrow streets and the inevitable smell of the sea, Alacati makes you feel like it drags you into a fairy tale. The most famous thing in Alacati is its mastic pudding. If you have the opportunity, we strongly recommend you to try it.

      However, since Alacati is about 86 kilometers from the center, you can choose the bus services that are arranged from Izmir during the summer months or you can take advantage of our Izmir affordable car rental opportunities and rent the most suitable vehicle for you and continue your trip in the direction you want.

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