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BMW 3.18 D Diesel Automatic

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BMW 3.18D Diesel Automatic Car Rental

Are you ready to meet the luxury, comfort and convenience of Cizgi Rent A Car and the rental option of BMW 3.18D combined with the cheapness? For all your city and city rental car needs, the BMW 3.18D car will carry you best. Particularly because of the wide interior design, it makes sense for you to choose the BMW 3.18D for your family or for business trips up to 5 persons. You can have low prices with cheap car hire options offered by Cizgi Rent A Car, on your BMW 3.18D, one of the cars in luxury car hire options. You can call Cizgi Rent A Car, which is open every day of the week to inform you about the rental of the BMW 3.18D and its prices in more detail.

BMW 3.18D Diesel Automatic Car Features

With a giant 2,000 cc engine, the BMW 3.18D is capable of producing 143 horsepower at this rate. The rear wheel drive is a great advantage for our customers who want to rent a car especially for long roads. The fact that the vehicle capable of reaching a speed of 210 km produces a torque of 320 nm gives us an idea of how powerful its performance is.

With a Euro 5 emission standard, the BMW 3.18D is a nature-friendly vehicle with a carbon footprint of 127 grams per kilometer. Almost all packages are available as standard in the vehicle for safe driving. With the BMW 3.18D, you and your passengers will also be safe in the city and outside the city, from the fatigue detection system, downhill support, night vision cameras to sudden braking systems.

The 520-liter cargo volume on the car is also a great advantage for holiday rental car options. You can easily fit all the needs of your family of 5 and their belongings into this baggage. When the rear seats of the BMW 3.18D, one of the most sensible models of luxury car rental, are laid down, a giant luggage of 1,600 liters is emerging.

BMW 3.18D Diesel Automatic Fuel Consumption

The BMW 3.18D with a diesel engine consumes 5.6 liters of fuel in 100 kilometers of the city and 4.4 liters of fuel outside the city. With an average fuel consumption of 4.8 liters, the vehicle can travel 1,600 kilometers with a single tank thanks to the fuel capacity of 57 liters. We can say that luxury car hire options have the best economical driving characteristics of the BMW 3.18D.

BMW 3.18D Diesel Automatic Advantages of Car Rental

Cizgi Rent A Car will be at your side for all possible problems during the rental period of the BMW 3.18D service. Just like all of our vehicles, the BMW 3.18D is also equipped with all the caskets, insurance and up-to-date maintenance. Our vehicles are delivered to you in the best way possible, with the intent and internal and external cleaning done with care.