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Renault Megane Diesel Automatic

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Renault Megane Diesel Automatic Car Rental

Renault Megane is one of the most rented automobiles, as rental prices, interior comfort, low fuel consumption and a performance vehicle. As Cizgi Rent A Car, we offer rental Renault Megane options to our customers at very reasonable prices. Suitable for people who are looking for affordable driving and suitable rental conditions, Renault Megane is the ideal vehicle for business and family travel. The Renault Megane, which allows 5 people to travel comfortably, has an automatic transmission and a diesel engine. You can contact Cizgi Rent A Car at any time for cheap car rental options and suitable rental Renault Megane models.

Renault Megane Diesel Automatic Vehicle Features

Renault Megane is a French-made car with a capacity of 1500 cc, a C-segment and a 120 hp engine. The power delivered by the 120-horsepower and turbocharged engine reveals a torque capacity of 240 nm. It has a standard internal combustion engine and the maximum speed is 187 km / h. Renault Megane reaches 0 to 100 km in just 12 seconds. The car with automatic transmission has 6 advanced stages. The front-wheel drive vehicle has anti-skid system.

The 384-liter luggage can be lifted up to 1247 liters when the rear seats are tilted. This reveals how convenient the Renault Megane model is for the option of renting a car outside of the city.

The Renault Megane cabinet features a navigation system, USB port, 12V socket, 7 inch touchscreen, radio, LCD Multimedia Display and Bluetooth phone connection. Your journey will be much more enjoyable in this process.

There are dozens of technologies such as electro-hydraulic steering, rear parking sensor, cruise control, speed limit, headlight sensor, rain sensor, parking assistance, downhill support, ESC, ABS in vehicles with automatic climate control. These technologies provide both driving pleasure and safety for you and your passengers. There are 6 airbags in the Renault Megane. The vehicle is a model awarded in terms of security and with an ANCAP score of 5 stars.

Renault Megane Diesel Automatic Fuel Consumption

With keyless operation, the Renault Megane smells of fuel thanks to its economical driving characteristics. When you fill the 47-liter tank, Renault Megane can travel more than 1,300 km outside the city. Renault Megane, which is among the top 5 rental vehicles in terms of fuel saving, consumes 3.6 liters of fuel in 100 kilometers outside the city while consuming only 4.1 liters of fuel in the city.

Advantages of Renault Megane Diesel Automatic Car Rental

Renault Megane is an incredible fuel-saving vehicle, even though it is an automatic vehicle. If you want to rent a vehicle with very cheap prices, call Cizgi Rent A Car without losing more time and get one of the affordable rental Renault Megane models.