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Dacia Duster Diesel Manual

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Dacia Duster Diesel Manual Car Rental

Dacia Duster, one of the most preferred SUV chassis models in our country, is one of the most economical models of C-segment vehicles. Dacia Duster, a complete family tool with interior design and exterior view, will be your greatest aide in tackling the challenging roads. With 4x4 and 4x2 options, the car is very convenient for both on-road and in-city usage, with convenient car rental conditions of Cizgi Rent A Car. Distinguished customers who prefer Dacia Duster rental car option among car options can get price information with one phone. Cizgi Rent A Car will be at your service throughout the entire rental process with an understanding of customer satisfaction and work to produce solutions to all possible problems.

Dacia Duster Diesel Manual Vehicle Features

With a diesel-fueled 1.5-liter engine, the Dacia Duster creates an incredible 110 hp. The car, also known as the off-road vehicle, offers you a powerful traction force with a torque of 240 nm. Dacia Duster reaches 100 km in 13 seconds while the maximum speed is 168 km / h. The vehicle with manual transmission has anti-skid system.

The Dacia Duster is 4.3 meters in length and 475 liters in luggage volume. The rear seats of the vehicle are lit, and the luggage is turned into a large 1636 liter baggage. Besides, there are features like USB Inlets, 2 sockets, time-controlled windshield wipers, front fog lamps, steering control buttons. Dacia Duster features 4 airbags at the same time with features such as ESP, HSA, stability control system, gearshift warning for passenger and driver safety.

Dacia Duster Diesel Manual Fuel Consumption

Dacia Duster, a powerful vehicle, stands out among the rental car options with its economical driving qualities. The 50-liter fuel tank provides 1,000 km of driving outside the city with a single tank. Dacia Duster, which consumes 5.7 liters of diesel in the city, consumes only 5.0 liters of fuel outside of the city at 100 km. The friendly Dacia Duster comes with a Euro 6 certificate. Call Cizgi Rent A Car now to rent a car and use your preference towards Dacia Duster. Save fuel with economical driving as well as shake your budget with proper car rental rates.

Dacia Duster Diesel Manual Car Rental Advantages

For safe, economical and comfortable driving we recommend the Dacia Duster model especially for families. You can now call Cizgi Rent A Car, which is ready for service every day of the week to find out the appropriate prices for the Dacia Duster car rental service.