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Ford Transit Tourneo Diesel Manual

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Ford Transit Tourneo Diesel Manual Car Rental

The Ford Transit Tourneo model, which is within the light commercial segment, is generally preferred by our customers for corporate premises, but can also be used for long-distance or in-town personal needs. Particularly large volume, this is the individual for people who need large vehicles for rent. You can now contact Cizgi Rent A Car in order to get the Ford Transit Tourneo model of the American brand with suitable car rental conditions. We welcome you with the cheapest car rental options in the industry. In the direction of customer satisfaction and business principles, we deliver the Ford Transit Tourneo vehicle to you in the form of a full day of insurance, insurance and maintenance. In addition, interior and exterior cleaning of the vehicle is carried out before delivery for your comfort.

Ford Transit Tourneo Diesel Manual Car Features

The Ford Transit Tourneo, which we can classify as a minivan, has a powerful 2200cc engine. With a power of 125 horsepower, the car delivers 350 Nm of torque and a performance ride. The maximum speed that can be reached is 157 km / h. There is also a dual battery in the car and a fuel line heater, which is an important feature that makes it almost impossible to stay on the road due to battery failure during critical journeys.

The 5.4 meter long car has 2 12 volt outlets. There is also a USB port on the car with a powerful sound system. Ford Transit Tourneo, which offers all of Ford's possibilities and offers you rental transit Tourneo, is equipped with uphill support, 2 airbags, gear shift warning, active overturn protection, active throttle control, electronic stability control, load sensitive control, soft suspensions, hydraulic brake assist emergency road assistance. With car rental, these features are very crucial for you and your passengers on travel.

The Ford Transit Tourneo has won 5 stars from ANCAP, proving how reliable it is.

Ford Transit Tourneo Diesel Manual Fuel Consumption

The Ford Transit Tourneo, with an 80 liter fuel capacity, can travel 1,200 km on average with only one tank. The vehicle consumes 7.3 liters of fuel in 100 km of the city and 6.1 liters of fuel outside of the city. Despite being a commercial vehicle, this saving makes Ford Transit Tourneo one of the most sensible choices in commercial rental vehicles. The vehicle is certified to the Euro 5 environmental standard and is among nature friendly vehicles with a carbon emission of 172 grams per kilometer.

Ford Transit Tourneo Diesel Manual Car Rental Advantages

The Ford Transit Tourneo, with a total of 9 seats, is a suitable rental vehicle for crowded groups. You can now call Cizgi Rent A Car to inquire about the Ford Transit Tourneo vehicle and to find out about the best rental Ford Transit Tourneo prices.