Fiat Egea Diesel Manual





  • Base Engine Size
  • Engine Power 95
  • Fuel Consumption 4.2
  • ABS Yes
  • Airbag Yes
  • CD Player Yes
  • Leather Seats No
  • Hydrolic Steering Wheel Yes
  • Sun Roof No
  • Carbon Emission 110
  • Vehicle segment Medium
  • Driver Age 24
  • Licence Age 3

Fiat Egea Diesel Manual Car Rental

Thanks to its fuel consumption and new generation design, Fiat Egea has become one of the most preferred automobiles and among the most demanded rental vehicles at the same time. With a full family car, Fiat Egea, you can get rid of the car you need for the holidays. It is also suitable for in-city and out-of-city usage because it is very light. We would like to rent a car for an economical and comfortable driving and we are looking forward to our Cizgi Rent A Car branches. Cizgi Rent A Car, which is a rent a car company that you can rent Fiat Egea with the best prices, serves every day of the week. Call us now to find out your private car hire prices with one phone call.

Fiat Egea Diesel Manual Car Features

The Fiat Egea is a very powerful vehicle despite its economic drive. The 1.6-liter engine volume, combined with the 4-cylinder, is an incredible 120 pound horsepower. The car has 320 NM of torque, which makes it especially felt on ramp roads. The price, which can reach a maximum of 200 km, has the option of 6 forward gears and the speed of 100 km can reach only 9.8 seconds.

Fiat Egea Diesel Manuel Fuel Consumption

Fiat Egea brings you a driving pleasure with 95 hp engine power. In addition, the average fuel consumption is a very low figure of 4.2 in 100 kilometers. Fiat Egea, the segment's least-burning automobile, burns 3.6 liters outside the city and 5.2 liters in the city. It is especially great for those who want to make a long way by renting a car, especially if they are burning very little outside the city. With Cizgi Rent A Car you can rent a Fiat Egea car at very affordable prices and you will save a couple of miles by going too far with less fuel. Despite having a small fuel tank of 45 liters, the Fiat Aegean with its 1,250 km range outside the city with a full tank of storage makes you almost amazed. In addition, the vehicle has Euro 6 emission standards, 100g / km Co2 emission with a full nature-friendly.

Fiat Egea Diesel Manual Car Rental Advantages

One of the most striking features of Fiat Egea, which is very suitable for families with children or crowded business trips, is the luggage capacity. With a total luggage capacity of 520 liters, it is a great advantage for our customers who want to travel especially for the holidays. It is very difficult to find a 2nd car that both thinks of your pocket and promises you such a comfortable journey. You can now contact Cizgi Rent A Car in order to find the best prices in the sector and to direct your questions related to car rental.

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