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Unless otherwise noted, you can make a reservation on our site, in our call center, or on our mobile application without any prepayment.

Once you have confirmed your reservation, you can make your payments in the currency of your choice with a virtual pos credit card or wire transfer.

We offer discounts on specific periods to provide you with the best service and the most appropriate price. These may cause prices to change. In the meantime, rental car prices may vary according to the delivery point and the demand rate. You can book directly from Cizgi Rent A Car with the best price guarantee.

Unless otherwise noted you can rent a car by paying in the desired currency by wire transfer without your credit card.

Your invoice is prepared with the information you give at the time of booking. You can claim the bill after you have return the vehicle.

Rental Terms

As the company procedure you can not go abroad with the car you rented

No deposit will be requested from overseas customers who have valid passport and flight information. If deemed necessary, credit card authorization can be requested from domestic customers who will rent a car for the first time.

All our vehicles are insured.

The contract you sign is a contract that shows that Cizgi Rent A Car has left you with the use of the vehicle and assumes the payment of the rent.

Traffic and alcohol reports should be kept right after the accident. If the accident is double-sided, the counterpart's license copy, insurance policy photocopy and driver's license photocopy must be taken from the other side and the same documents belonging to you must be given to the other party. Immediately after the accident you must be informed of the number on the lease contract.

If the driver driving on alcohol, under the influence of any substance or above the speed limits, and if the person leasing the vehicle is completely defective, the person hiring the vehicle is liable for all damages that may occur.

In the case of missing, incomplete or invalid documents, the tenant can not benefit from the insurance in any way and can not claim the benefit.

In such cases, claims for insurance benefits will be void and any damage will be excluded from coverage.

1. Use by a person other than the name or names specified on the lease contract.
2.Use the carriage outside normal conditions. (Uses that will damage the motor, road conditions, use with broken or damaged rubber, faulty refueling.)
3. Use outside traffic rules (exceeding speed limit, other violations such as red light, use of vehicle alcohol or under the influence of any material).
4. The cargo carried in the car causes an accident.
5. Careless handling of the truck. (The situation that the vehicle is not used according to the rainfall or the road condition, the vehicle in front is not followed properly to the safety follow-up distance, etc.)
6. In the case of an accident, damage or stolen incident, no contact number is given and the vehicle is left at the accident site.
7. Not to receive traffic and alcohol report even though it has passed 48 hours max.
8.Do not deliver the original key in case the car is stolen.
9. Continue to use and not deliver the vehicle without any approval even though the rental period is over.
10. Damage to the headlamps, headlamps or glasswork without notice from the relevant contact numbers.
Such situations are not included in the insurance.

The amount of pecuniary damages arising from damages to third parties in the resulting accidents is covered by financial liability insurance. The amounts other than the guarantee are the responsibility of the customer. Cizgi Rent A Car can not be held responsible for the amounts other than the guarantee.

Our vehicles have insurance for theft. Theft insurance covers the rental fee you pay. This insurance reduces the liability of the lessee in the event of a stolen vehicle. If you have not taken the necessary precautions about the theft, the company will claim all damages from you.The lessor is obliged to pay the damage if the person does not take action.

Our vehicles have accident and damage insurance. Accident-damage insurance includes the rental fee you pay. This insurance covers damage to the leased vehicle. Tire, headlight, glass, vehicle chassis, door locks or keys damaged and the attraction fee is not covered by accident insurance.

According to the class of the vehicle driver has to be 21 years old and 1 year driving license for economy group cars ,25 years old and 2 years driving license for medium group cars and for the upper group of cars driver has to be 28 years old and 5 years driving license.At the time of booking, you must specify the second driver's request. 

What to do before renting

The original and photocopy of your driver's license, identity card and passport must be with you at the time of vehicle delivery. Otherwise your vehicle will not be delivered. Economy group vehicles are required to have at least 21 years of age and 2 year driving license, 24 years of age and 3 years driving license for medium group vehicles, 27 years of driving age and 4 years driving license for upper group cars.

Prices include periodic maintenance, third party insurance and 18% tax fee. Vehicle fuel fee belongs to the rent. Extra seats such as a baby seat and HGS can be rented on condition that you informed in advance. Additional payment is required for these.The car prices specified on our website are valid for online rental transactions. The price difference may be applied to renting  from our airport offices or city offices without reservation.

Delivery of the car is 7/24 at the points specified in the reserve.

Delivery is made free of charge at the airport and in the places where the offices are located. Also, these reservations should be at least 10 days according to the season. For cities where Cizgi Rent A Car offices are not available, an additional payment is required.

You must be informed by phone when flight time is changed or when flight is canceled. If no information is given, your reservation will be canceled. In addition, the lessee is obliged to pay 1/3 of the daily rental fee per hour for delays up to 3 hours, 1 day rental fee for delays more than 3 hours and all other costs incurred.

You can select all extras during your reservation. Additional payment is required for baby seat and HGS.

What to do during the rental

In case of early returns, remaining amount from your reservation will not be refunded since all scheduling is made as mentioned in rental agreement.

We are trying to send our customers the booked vehicle. However, if the vehicle you have booked is late or damaged, we will send you an equivalent vehicle considering the fuel, gear status of the vehicle you have chosen.

Additional charges may be required from you for parking - traffic fines, different delivery point requests, vehicle damage, OGS or HGS transit.

In an accident,you need to contact us from the phone numbers on the lease agreement. If the rented vehicle cannot be used due to damage, malfunction or any other reason, another vehicle in the same segment or in a higher segment for free will be allocated within 24 hours.

You have to contact us at the phone number on the lease agreement if an accident has occured.An accident and alcohol report should be kept immediately after the accident. With these documents, you have to give us information within 24 hours. Depending on the damage, a different vehicle that meets your contract can be supplied by our firm. If the rented vehicle cannot be used due to damage, malfunction or any other reason, another vehicle in the same segment or in a higher segment for free will be allocated within 24 hours.
Make sure to provide all documents for the insurance to cover.

Rental Cars

You can claim HGS for additional payment. HGS payment can be requested at the delivery of the vehicle if it is used without being mentioned in the reserve.

Check with the deliverer everywhere of the vehicle. Make sure that the headlamps, wipers, door locks and spare wheel are secure. To not have trouble during and after delivery, examine the scratches and strikes if any,take pictures. To avoid paying extra days, hand over your car on the day and time you specify on the contract. If the vehicle is delivered late, a rental fee of 1 day is required. In the case of early delivery there will be no refund.

The vehicle is delivered with empty tank and the empty tank is requested. If you come with some fuel, there will be no fuel payment refund.

All our vehicles are no more than 3 years old and have Full Rent A Car insurance.The rent you pay includes the insurance.

Mobile Application

Our company has Android and IOS applications. You can do all of your work from our mobile app.


You can cancel your booking from our website,mobile application or by calling our 24/7 call center. There is no extra charge for canceling the reservation.

You can make a reservation change from our web siteimobile application or by calling our 24/7 call center. The vehicle change is made in accordance with the specified date. There is no extra charge for booking changes.

You can do all the procedures for booking from our call center, you can call for any questions or problems about before and after renting a car.

Cancellation of reservation should be informed by phone. In case of cancellation, the amount paid will be refunded.