Opel Corsa Petrol Automatic





  • Base Engine Size 1300
  • Engine Power 70
  • Fuel Consumption 4.5
  • ABS Yes
  • Airbag Yes
  • CD Player Yes
  • Leather Seats No
  • Hydrolic Steering Wheel Yes
  • Sun Roof Yes
  • Carbon Emission 90
  • Vehicle segment Eko
  • Driver Age 21
  • Licence Age 2

Opel Corsa Gasoline Automatic Car Rental

The Opel Corsa, one of the lowest-fueled vehicles in its class, also offers very strong driving performance with the advantage of being gasoline. Due to its in-car comfort and economic driving advantage, the Opel Corsa, which is always the first choice of our customers who want to rent a car, will meet all your needs in city and city usage. Cizgi Rent A Car offers Opel Corsa vehicles to its customers with the best prices in the industry. With years of experience and a sense of corporate work, you will always feel support for the duration of your rental. Call us before it's too late to learn more detailed car rental information.

Opel Corsa Gasoline Automatic Vehicle Features

The Opel Corsa, with its 1.3-liter engine volume and 70-hp traction power, is a very high-end automobile because it is gasoline, despite its low horsepower. Especially when used in the city, you will notice that the vehicle is a great advantage. The city's fuel consumption is 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers and the Opel Corsa offers you a comfortable driving experience with its Power Steering feature. Having the Sun Roof in the car is a big advantage, especially when it is thought of hot summer days. The presence of ABS and airbags ensure the safety of drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. The car has an in-line 4-cylinder engine, producing 130 Nm of torque and reaching a maximum speed of 170 km.

Cizgi Rent A Car will provide you with a great advantage especially for the traffic in the city, because the vehicle for the rental Opel Corsa is automatic. Although the car is automatic, it consumes petrol and therefore it performs as much as a manual-speed car.

Opel Corsa Gasoline Automatic Fuel Consumption

With an average fuel consumption of 4.5 liters, the Opel Corsa has a fairly low consumption even though it is gasoline. Although the city consumes 5.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, it falls to 3.9 liters outside the city. The Opel Corsa Auto model, with a 45-liter petrol deposit, can go a distance of nearly 1,000 kilometers on a long road with a tank of fuel. Car hire prices are very affordable with Cizgi Rent A Car, and with the Opel Corsa model burning too little fuel, your total costs will be seriously reduced. Produced according to the Euro 6 emissions standard, the Opel Corsa proves to be a nature-friendly vehicle with CO2 emissions less than 100 grams per kilometer.

Advantages of Opel Corsa Gasoline Automatic Car Rental

Insurance and car insurance transactions are complete in all vehicles of Cizgi Rent A Car which is one of the most important addresses of cheap car rental services. Car rental car corsars are fully carpeted and carpeted to our customers.

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