Renault Clio SW Diesel Manual





  • Base Engine Size 1500
  • Engine Power 95
  • Fuel Consumption
  • ABS Yes
  • Airbag Yes
  • CD Player Yes
  • Leather Seats No
  • Hydrolic Steering Wheel Yes
  • Sun Roof No
  • Carbon Emission 110
  • Vehicle segment Medium
  • Driver Age 24
  • Licence Age 3

Renault Clio SW Diesel Manual Car Rental

With the Renault Clio SW model that makes a clear difference to your competitors in terms of driving safety, you and your loved ones are safe too. Renault Clio SW, which has remained as Europe's best-selling automobile for many years, is at the forefront with its fuel economy and comfortable driving pleasure. Let's just say that being a diesel makes the car much more economical. The Renault Clio SW, which consumes the least amount of fuel in all vehicles in the city, is unrivaled in this regard. You can find the Renault Clio SW model you can rent for all your city and city needs at Cizgi Rent A Car with the best prices in the industry. Our company car rental company which provides service with years of experience and professionalism, always offers Renault Clio SW leasing services with reasonable prices as it is focused on customer satisfaction. You can contact us for more detailed information.

Renault Clio SW Diesel Manual Vehicle Features

The Renault Clio SW, with its 4-cylinder engine in a row, is a performance vehicle with a 1.5-liter engine volume and a maximum power of 90 hp. The fact that it has 220 NM of torque allows the vehicle to travel more comfortably, especially on longer roads. The Renault Clio SW is able to reach a maximum speed of 180 kilometers in a diesel engine carrying model. Besides, the vehicle reaches 0 to 100 kilometers in only 12 seconds. The vehicle comes with a manual gear option.

Renault Clio SW Diesel Manual Fuel Consumption

The Renault brand has proved just how important other brands are in fuel consumption with the Renault Clio SW model. Out of town, the 3.2-liter vehicle consumes only 4.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Thanks to these incredible figures, a Renault Clio SW with a 45-liter tank can travel 1406 kilometers out of the city with only one tank. It is one of the rare vehicles in the city with a single warehouse and over 1,000 kilometers. Our valued customers who value economy and want to keep their fuel expenses to a minimum after renting a car can benefit from the Renault Clio SW car hire service.

Renault Clio SW Advantages

The Renault Clio SW is very light and maneuverable. When combined with economical driving advantages, the Renault Clio SW makes it one of the most suitable automobiles for in-city car hire. At the same time, with a luggage capacity of 300 liters, it has a size that will suffice for your portable items. If you want to rent a Renault Clio SW car with very reasonable prices besides these advantages, you can now get a price quote by calling Cizgi Rent A Car.

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