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Hyundai i 20 Diesel Manual

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Hyundai i 20 Diesel Manual Car Rental

A Japanese wonder, the Hyundai i 20 is known for its safe and comfortable journey to its passengers. Among the most demanded rental vehicles in Cizgi Rent A Car, the Hyundai i 20 is a very sensible choice for your city and city rental car needs. Suitable for families and business travelers, the Hyundai i 20 will also attract you with its stylish image and spacious interior design. With Cizgi Rent A Car you can rent the Hyundai i 20 at affordable prices. Our company, which always produces solutions for your short term and long term needs, works every day of the week. By communicating your needs you can contact us immediately without losing more time to inquire about car rental rates.

Hyundai i 20 Diesel Manual Vehicle Features

The Hyndai i 20, which five people can travel very comfortably, has a 1.4-liter engine capacity. There is a manual gearshift in the car, which is powered by 95 hp of diesel fuel. The power steering and CD player feature are also factors that increase comfort during driving. ABS, which is now the default feature of every car, and airbags are available on the Hyundai i20, and you will feel safe in the vehicle where all the details are considered for road safety. With a consumption of 3.9 liters in the city, it is an advantage for our customers who want economical driving.

Hyundai i 20 Diesel Manual Fuel Consumption

50 liter fuel tank, the Hyundai i 20 can travel over 1,000 km in the city with only one tank. The city's fuel consumption is 4.7 liters, while outside the city consumes only 3.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. This shows us that the Hyundai i 20 can travel more than 1,300 km with only one tank outside the city. Once you have used the appropriate car rental rates with Cizgi Rent A Car, we can say that you will be very advantageous thanks to this fuel saving. Carbon Emissions is 105 grams per kilometer, the Hyundai i 20 is an environmentally friendly vehicle.

Advantages of Hyundai i 20 Diesel Manual Car Rental

The Hyundai i 20 in Cizgi Rent A Car and all other vehicles are always maintained on the day. Our company, which always keeps customer satisfaction on the front, attaches great importance to the delivery of the vehicles after the internal and external cleaning of the customers. Our vehicles with all insurance and insurance coverage also have GPS tracking, in which case the health or safety personnel will be able to assist you immediately in case of any mishaps. You can now call Cizgi Rent A Car to learn our prices and get more detailed information.