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Dacia Lodgy Diesel Manual 5 Seats

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Dacia Lodgy Diesel Manual Car Rental

Despite being in the D segment, Dacia Lodgy has incredible savings in fuel economy, allowing 5 people to make a very comfortable journey with its spacious interior capacity. With a manual gearbox, Dacia Lodgy will be amazed by the volume of 827 liters of luggage. Now you will not have to fit in your long journeys, and Dacia Lodgy offers you incredible potential as long as you do not carry the house completely. With Cizgi Rent A Car, you can rent this family car with suitable car hire prices. All you need to do is contact us and get relevant information about rented Dacia Lodgy prices. Although prices vary periodically, Cizgi Rent A Car always offers reasonable prices to its customers for customer satisfaction.

Dacia Lodgy Diesel Manual Vehicle Features

The Dacia Lodgy car with a MPV body type features a 1.5-liter engine. With this performance engine with 220-nm torque and 90-horsepower, the car can reach 100 km / h in 12.4 seconds. Dacia Lodgy's diesel-fueled maximum speed is 170 km / h. The car's engine features turbocharging, and this powerful engine is capable of releasing only 109 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, earning Euro 5 certification.

The car is 4.5 meters long and features a USB port, Bluetooth phone connectivity, 2 loudspeakers and sockets in the car. We can say that these additional features enhance driver and passenger comfort. When the rear seats of the vehicle with 5 seats are tilted, a luggage with a volume of 2,617 liters emerges. In addition to traveling with this luggage volume, it is possible to carry a significant part of your home in one go. There are additional features in the baggage such as net, panel and cover. In addition to these, ASR, AFU, ABS, ESP and Eco Mode are available in the vehicle. With these features, Dacia Lodgy offers you a safe and economical ride. The car also has driver and front passenger airbags.

Dacia Lodgy Diesel Manual Fuel Consumption

Dacia Lodgy, a long and large vehicle, has a low fuel consumption in contrast to these features. The city, which has an amazing value of 3.8 liters outside the city, consumes 4.9 liters of fuel within 100 kilometers of the city. When the 50 liter fuel tank is filled, the car can travel 1250 kilometers on average. Dacia Lodgy is a very good option for our customers who are looking for a car hire process.

Advantages of Dacia Lodgy Diesel Manual Car Rental

Dacia Lodgy car hire service is very attractive for all your needs thanks to the wide range of luggage, the economical journey and Cizgi Rent A Car assurance and cheap rental car options. You can contact Cizgi Rent A Car for more detailed information and to find out more about the appropriate rental Dacia Lodgy prices.