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Hyundai Acc. Blue Diesel Automatic

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Hyundai Accent Blue Diesel Automatic Car Rental

Hyundai Accent Blue, which is one of the most successful models of the Hyundai brand that is a wonderful South Korea, is both a family car and a very powerful car. Cizgi Rent A Car is among the most advantageous automobiles of the Hyundai Accent Blue segment, which is among our models with very affordable car hire prices for our customers. Sedan body type with automatic transmission. This is a great advantage especially for our customers who want to rent a car in the city. Hyundai Accent Blue has a very low fuel consumption due to its advanced 7-speed automatic gearbox. You can now call us to meet the cheap Hyundai Accent Blue car rental rates at Cizgi Rent A Car.

Hyundai Accent Blue Diesel Automatic Vehicle Features

Hyundai Accent Blue, which has a cylinder capacity of 1,600 cc, produces 90 bhp and 260 ns of torque. It is possible to understand the performance of the vehicle from the torque value. The Hyundai Accent Blue, which can reach a maximum speed of 190 km / h, reaches 0 to 100 km in only 10 seconds.

The 4.4 meter long car has features such as radio, USB and SD card input, iPhone port, DVD player, 4 speakers, Navigation, Bluetooth phone connectivity, automatic climate control, and more. The presence of an electro-hydraulic steering wheel and a leather steering wheel in the vehicle also contributes to the driving pleasure of the driver.

The rear parking sensor and parking assistance technology in the vehicle is a great help to customers who have an in-city car rental service. With the stability control system, front fog lights, VSM, ABS, Bass, EBD, TPMS and 6 air cushions, Hyundai Accent Blue ensures the safety of you and your passengers at the highest level. The vehicle received 5 stars from the ANCAP safety test.

Hyundai Accent Blue Diesel Automatic Fuel Consumption

Low fuel consumption, an indispensable feature of Eastern vehicles, is also seen on the Hyundai Accent Blue. The city consumes 5.7 liters of fuel, while the city consumes 4.0 liters of fuel in 100 kilometers. This means that the Hyundai Accent Blue, which has a 43-liter tank, can go 1,100 km with a single tank. Hyundai Accent Blue is a logical choice for those looking for affordable rental cars.

Advantages of Hyundai Accent Blue Diesel Automatic Car Rental

With a luggage capacity of 465 liters, the Hyundai Accent Blue is a car well above standards. Call the Cizgi Rent A Car for the Hyundai Accent Blue model, which you can rent for your business needs or for family vacations with peace of mind. Rent Hyundai Accent Blue with insurance, custody, maintenance, and interior-exterior cleaning at your preferred location whenever you want. Please contact us for further information and to inquire about Hyundai Accent Blue prices for rent.