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Fiat Linea Diesel Manual

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Fiat Linea Diesel Manual

As Cizgi Rent A Car, one of the vehicles that we serve to you is the Fiat Linea Diesel Manual model which will be suitable for leasing in terms of fuel consumption and price. A new model provides comfort and comfort throughout the ride. If you want to choose a vehicle that provides an economical fuel consumption by making a pleasant driving, you should firstly rent a Fiat Linea Diesel Manual. Many individual and corporate firms are able to save more by choosing Linea vehicles.

Fiat Linea Diesel Manual Fuel Specifications and Fuel Consumption

With our 1.3-liter engine, our Linea diesel vehicles provide you with comfortable driving time with 95 hp engine power. It reaches a maximum speed of 170 km / h in 13.8 seconds. Our new model vehicles have all the features of Line. Fuel consumption in the city is 4.7 liters per 100 km, while off-city fuel consumption is 3.6 liters per 100 km. It provides 4 liters of fuel consumption per 100 km. If you want to save on fuel consumption, you can choose our Linea vehicles. Our company accepts 21 years of age as its age limit and requires at least 2 years experience as a driver's license age. If you are comfortable with these principles, you can easily benefit from our car hire service.

Customer Satisfaction and the Importance of Car Rental

Besides being economical to rent a car, customer satisfaction is also very important. We give you a customer satisfaction guarantee. Regular car maintenance and inspections are carried out, and when you have any problems with your car, your car will also change.

Always a good vehicle leaves a better impression on first calls. We are at your side in business negotiations, weddings, or any other place you need in many places with our extensive vehicle fleet and experience.

The Value of Human Life and Security

In our company, where human life is a priority, car maintenance is carried out without delay. We know that the care and safety of the vehicle is directly proportional to the life of the customer. Our company has automobile insurance and car insurance, car customers who do not need to rent a car with the option of having a driver.

Car Rental Budget

We have helped you find the most suitable tool for your budget with our fleet of many vehicles. We have options to satisfy our customers with cheap car hire. You can get information about our car rental rates from our site, you can reach us and talk to our authorized employees in this field. We are confident that you will meet your budget and your satisfaction at the most appropriate level and will please you. If you want to take advantage of our car hire service, you can follow our website. By following our site, you can be informed about campaigns and facilities.