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Renault Clio HB Diesel Automatic

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Renault Clio HB Diesel Automatic Car Rental

Renault Clio, who teaches other vehicles about fuel consumption, is at Cizgi Rent A Car with automatic gear option. Renault Clio is one of the most preferred models of our rent a car services that you can rent car service at very reasonable prices. The vehicle brings many advantages for both in-city and out-of-city use. One of the most important criteria of a car rental service is the economical driving option, which pushes the boundaries with the Renault Clio. You can now contact us to find out about current Renault Clio car hire prices and information on car hire processes.

Renault Clio HB Diesel Automatic Vehicle Features

The Renault Clio, with its hatchback body type, has EDC (automatic) transmission technology. The Renault Clio, which has 6 advanced luck levels, is a highly efficient vehicle despite its low fuel consumption. The turbocharged diesel engine has a volume of 1.5 liters and produces 90 hp of power. With a maximum torque of 176 km / h, the Renault Clio will give you the message that it will not let you down on the road with its 220-nm torque. It takes 13 seconds for the vehicle to reach 100 km from 0.

The car features a 7-inch touchscreen, radio, LCD screen, USB input, navigation system, Bluetooth phone connection, automatic air conditioning, and other features that enhance passenger comfort. There are also options such as cruise control, front fog lamps, rear parking sensor, rain sensor, which will support the driver's driving comfort.

Renault Clio, an award-winning vehicle for safety, has useful features such as ESC, Hill Start Assist, Keyless Drive, AFU, Speed Limit.

Renault Clio HB Diesel Automatic Fuel Consumption

The first thing that comes to mind with the Renault Clio is, of course, fuel consumption. Vehicles with consumption figures that jealous of all other vehicles are always bouncing among the rental auto options on this page. The Renault Clio, which burns only 3.3 liters in 100 kilometers of city and 4.3 liters in city, is one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles with 92 grams of carbon dioxide emissions in 100 kilometers. Clients who do not have too much budget to rent a car should definitely opt for the Renault Clio model.

Advantages of Renault Clio HB Diesel Automatic Car Rental

The Renault Clio model, which you can safely use both inside and outside the city, has a 300-liter luggage. The zippered compartments in the luggage allow you to make the best use of the baggage's volume. The vehicle, which is 4 meters long, is very advantageous for urban use and can be easily parked even in small parking spaces. Having a parking sensor and parking assistance features is also helped by untrained drivers. If you want to rent Renault Clio with cheap car hire options, you can call us now.